Dating historic houses

In 2001, Paul Krusic dated the northern end of the house to 1672, possibly into early 1673.

He also took some samples from the southern end of the house and dated a timber identified as the “left frame, right end girt” to 1670.

A fence was built at this location and cut off all roads (from this point).

The sequence of construction on the site remains unclear, but the physical evidence suggests that the left and /or right components could have replaced earlier portions of the building. The full report can be found at SPNEA, now known as Historic New England.

Their report, cited below, included analysis of samples from all three attempts and presented the following results and conclusions.

In 1975 William Robinson took three samples from the southern section of the house, and dated a sample from the chimney girt to 1669.

The Merchant – Choate house, the 1655 Whipple House on South Green and the 1640 Hart House on Linebrook Road are believed to be the three oldest houses in Ipswich.

Research indicates that this house contains portions of the oldest house known to still exist in Ipswich.

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