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The water can be up to 350° C (the high pressure of deep ocean keeps the water from boiling even at these extreme temperatures).

Unusual biological communities have been discovered along many hydrothermal vent sites.

-The theory that the surface of the earth is divided into about a dozen major plates that are slowly moving relative to one another. Geophysicists study the time it takes for the waves to travel down to the boundary and return to the surface to calculate the depth to the boundary.

The plates are about 100 kilometers in thickness and can contain continents, ocean basins, or both. As it travels across a boundary of materials of different composition and density, a wave (in this context, a seismic wave) bends at the boundary.

The motion causes the plates to shift position and change in size with time. University of California, Santa Barbara Bogue, Scott Ph. This is the basic principle of correcting vision defects by bending the light rays as they pass through eyeglasses.

A thick accumulation of sediment that has been washed off the continents, across the Continental Shelf, and down the Continental Slope.So whether you are a student currently enrolled in a high school or college geology class, homeschooling, or simply interested in the dynamics of the Earth, this is the course for you.Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of physical geology as well as a better appreciation of the the world around us.S waves are shear waves that travel by moving at right angles to the direction of wave propagation. A region on the Earth's surface where seismic waves are not recorded following an earthquake. The deep ocean floor that lies beyond the margin of the continental shelf.An S wave shadow zone does not record S waves, and a P wave shadow zone is the region where P waves are not recorded. Abyssal plains are extremely deep (approximately 4,000 meters), extremely dark, and blanketed with layers of very fine sediment which leave them flat and featureless.

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-The layer of the Earth that lies immediately beneath the crust. The uppermost mantle is rigid and moves with the crust in plate tectonics. Ifthe magnetic pole had been near the geographic north pole, during a magnetic reversal it will switch and point towards the geographic south pole.

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