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Only her friendship with Alison had caused her to stay behind.

Leona grabbed the seams of her dress and tried to adjust them with her white opera gloved hands.

As these accidents had become more and more blatant Leona had started to worry about their safety.

s interest ---since the War Germany had been almost bankrupt and there were lots of young men from good families hardly able to make a living.

The pupils were huge and black with thin lines of gold radiating from the center almost like a spiders web.

That was where I was born, in a little shack on the Tunguska river.To guard against that the Czars always used people from outside the region to head the internal police services.That way there was no risk of a conflict of loyalties.At the time he had seemed to accept it with good grace but almost immediately he had tried to get the pretty American heiress to himself.There had been that time in Prague when Leona had been directed to the wrong train, the mysterious double booking in Moscow that had forced her into a different hotel.

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