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the higher your FPS, the closer to purple it becomes).

Below, "your current session" ends when changing worlds or exiting to lobby, and values tracked per session are reset.

This isn't standard HTTP auth, though, it's an application-specific thing.

I having a question about a post request authorization.

*Regulations in Armenia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Russia allow for mobile check-in but require guests to check out with the front desk.

Mobile check-in and checkout are not available in Japan and Venezuela.

I need to make a request with the following data to get a token.

POST /my/logins/direct HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Direct Login username="aaaaa", password="686876", consumer_key="GET-YOUR-OWN-API-KEY-FROM-THE-OBP" Content-Type: application/json Cookie: JSESSIONID=7h1ssu6d7j151u08p37a6tsx1 Host: Connection: close User-Agent: Paw/2.3.3 (Macintosh; OS X/10.11.3) GCDHTTPRequest Content-Length: 0 I have some code.

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